Wednesday, 30 September 2009

ClassicMovieStore has been awarded the new Ebay accolade of 'Top Rated Seller'. The top rated seller programme has just been started in Oct 09, and we have immediately been given this award for our top rate service on our Ebay shop. This is because we have consistently over the last year recieved the highest buyer feedback and reviews, dispatch our items quickly (this is something that in the dvd market is very unusual! Just see our competitors feedback) and because we have an excellent track record for customer service.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Have any feedback for us?

We are always trying to improve our service to you, and offer people the best value. We would be extremely grateful if you would take a second to give us some feedback so we can improve the service and value we offer.

Our aim to to give you the very best service, products and value, and in doing so we hope you will recommend us to your friends and become a ClassicMovieStore customer for life.

If you click this link you will be taken to complete our simple 7 question survey where you can leave us comments on anything you like. Please be frank and honest, its only by listening to your comments we can improve our standards. Good or bad comments we want to hear them! You can do this by clicking the Leave Feedback tab at the top left of ClassicMovieStore or use this questionaire. The questionaire is here.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Welcome to the Lemon Market.

Read this article before you consider buying dvd's on the internet.

There is a growing number of affiliate marketing sites appearing daily which give the illusion of being an official dvd retailer like

They do not supply you the goods, as would first appear, but get a commission for directing you to their affiliate who supplies the goods. All sounds good until your realise that they promote any affiliate, including private individuals on various market places, of whom you might not want to deal with if you saw their customer feedback and products.

Our experience of buying dvd's from market place sellers was one of shock. Often items described as new, would not be brand new and sealed, or not even UK region 2 releases. We found there was a huge supply of what we would call seconds or 'b grade' stock being sold by individuals as 'new'. We can only guess that this b grade stock must somehow originate from retailers who have taken items back for exchange etc (there must be alot of this stock around).

So be carefull that what you are buying as 'new' is actually new. All dvd's supplied by are brand new and from the UK manufacturers. We currently have a 5/5 star customer satisfaction rating on our Google feedback and 100% on our Ebay Feedback with all our our 5 DSR ratings at about 4.5/5. Remember dvd retailing really is a market for lemons. If you think we are biased as a retailer go ahead and buy from them, your soon be back to buy from us for good and will have corrected your information asymmetry!

Friday, 1 August 2008

Some Decent Packaging Please.

As part of our research into online dvd retailing, postage and packaging was an area that we became interested in, mainly at first for our pricing. We bought a selection of products from all the major online dvd retailers. To say we were shocked is an understatement.

Why would they send a £100 1-2kg dvd box set, the outer case made of cardboard, in a PAPER JIFFY BAG! We recieved damaged goods sent in paper bags from,,, Asda. When we contacted them, they said they could send replacements but wait for it... they would be sent in paper jiffy bags again! (do they think we have time to pack damaged goods up to send back to them!).

There was one retailer which to be fair and unbiased was head and shoulders above the rest.. HMV sent us products in card boxes, which all arrived undamaged. The result - will send you all expensive and heavy box sets from 1kg upwards in cardboard boxes.

Monday, 5 May 2008

World War 2 DVD Boxset

Just in stock now we have our latest World War 2 DVD Boxset. 8 DVD's covering US Goverment documentaries on the war. The DVD's in this set are as follows. Prelude to War. Pearl Harbour, a look at 1941 December 7th and the attack on Pearl Harbour. The Memphis Bell became a legendary aircraft, and is looked at on DVD 3. Tunisian Victory, tells the story of how the allies took North Africa from the Nazis. Desert Victory, tells the story of the War in North Africa. Battle for China looks at the war in the far east. The Battle of San Peitro, tells the stories of the Battles of San Pietro. Attack in the Pacific looks at the war in the Pacific. This boxset with all 8 dvd's is just £9.97, so is the best value set around.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Welcome to the official blog. We will be posting here news on the site, new releases we have coming to the store and other reviews. If you are one of our customers please feel free to write a review of our service here. We have just recently started to stock 50s music cds, and have 10 cd box sets with 233 50's tracks for just £16.97 so check the link to take a look.

Friday, 18 January 2008

In the 40s, 50s, and 60s, it was considered very strange for a movie star to appear on TV. The truly big Hollywood legends would never think of doing a small TV series. Picture Elizabeth Taylor and Cary Grant as the Beaver's parents. I dont think so!

But in the early days of television, established movie actors and actresses began making the switch to TV and stayed there. TV was a new medium, and needed talent. With a few exceptions, though, it was pretty much a single minded street.

While there were many, many stars who had careers in both TV and film, this article focuses on a very special 15 people who had either great success, or at least long careers, in both mediums.

We begin with one of those exceptions to the rule -- a big TV star who quit the small screen and turned in some exceptional performances on film. Here we start with Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball

The star of I Love Lucy. who was unquestionably the biggest female TV star of the time, had a long movie career even before that happened, appearing in about 75 films from 1929 to 1949. She was a Ziegfeld Girl and a Goldwyn Girl, but rose from the crowd of leggy starlets to become the first woman to own a film studio. Some of her more memorable films included Top Hat (1935), Stage Door (1937) -- in which she held her own with Kate Hepburn and Ginger Rogers -- and The Long, Long Trailer, made during her "I Love Lucy" days. Her last screen appearance was in a movie version of Mame in 1974, but it was unfortunately a terrible failure.

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